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Promoting Climate Change Mitigation through REDD+

About this course

While the modalities of the international Reducing Emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD+) architecture continue to be negotiated and methodologies get refined, countries need to prepare themselves in order to benefit from the emerging mechanism that would not only have carbon benefits for the global community, but also contribute significantly towards meeting their sustainable development objectives. Some countries have already started public and private sector driven initiatives that are beginning the bear fruit. In this light, this module aims to build capacity amongst NGOs, local and national government, climate change mitigation and adaptation professionals as well as development practitioners on the REDD+ mechanism and the practicalities of implementing a community based REDD+ project. This course forms the backbone of a Nano degree in REDD+ and provides a theoretical background that aims to equip practitioners and would be practitioners with basic knowledge on REDD+ that would enable them to proceed to its practical aspects. It provides a good understanding of the REDD+ governance framework, project cycle, financial aspects, benefits and discusses the challenges that projects face especially in context of Africa.

Course Structure

  • Unit One: REDD+: Definition, History and Concept