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Climate Change & Social Innovation Course

About this course

This course covers issues related to Climate Change, Social Innovation and how you can take advantage of business opportunities arising in the sector. It forms part of a broader objective of GreenVarsity™ aimed at promoting business and social innovation amongst individuals. As you go through this course, you will realise that opportunities brought about by climate change mitigation are normally closely related to the concept of social entrepreneurship. Youths are the best entrepreneurs as they are still molding their social constructs and business imagination. The module is divided into four units as follows:

i.   Introduction to climate and social innovation
ii.  Climate change and SDGs
iii. Climate change and business opportunities
iv. Setting up your own business: legal issues you should know

Course Material
The material contained in this course is not meant to be exhaustive. It leaves ample room for further study and investigation by the student. This is because entrepreneurship is not a profession that has set procedures that have to be followed. Instead, it is an activity that best thrives when people are allowed to think and express their innovative ideas freely and investigate potential avenues on their own. Additional study is therefore expected to be self-tailored towards the participants’ desired innovation and business pursuits.

Questions meant to stimulate debate and critical thinking are provided under every unit. Please attempt to answer all the questions. Remember, your answers do not have to be academic or theoretical. Use examples that you have all around you.

Wish you all the best as you explore the opportunities arising from climate change mitigation in the energy sector.

Course Structure

  • Unit One: Introduction to Climate Change and Social Innovation
    • Unit Two: Climate Change and Energy
    • Unit Three:Climate Change and Business Opportunities